Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Under the Data Protection Regulation, the data controller has a duty to clearly inform data subjects. This document fulfills the information obligation. 1.

Under the Data Protection Regulation, the data controller has a duty to clearly inform data subjects. This document fulfills the information obligation.

1. Register holder


Keskustie 2
51200 Kangasniemi

Contact information for the register

Jalavilla, Mari Jalava
Keskustie 2
51200 Kangasniemi
Tel. +358 40 801 0844

2. Registered

Persons who have joined Jalavilla's regular customer system and customers of and online store.

3. Purpose of personal data

The purpose of the register is to manage the customer relationship, to maintain, develop and analyze the registrar's functions and customer service, and to target marketing to different customer groups. The personal data collected may be used for marketing purposes in accordance with applicable legislation, such as the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999).
Purpose of the processing of personal data and the register
Personal data will only be processed for pre-defined purposes, which are as follows:

  • customer relationship management
  • providing information about our services and products

4. Content of personal data in the register

The register can contain and handle information belonging to the following groups:

Basic data, such as: name, birthday, sex, email addresses, phone numbers, mail addresses, topics of interest and other information given by the register member.
Information linked to being a customer or another valid connection, such as: identification data linked to the use of the web shop; (regular customer number); starting date of the customer relationship and direct marketing approvals or denials.

Information linked to special offers and other communication, such as: offers, services and campaigns directed at the registered user, and their use, together with other valid communication and actions, linked to the registered user´s role as a customer.t.

5. Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the following rights, requests for the use of which must be made to

Right of inspection

The data subject can check the personal data we have stored.

Right to rectification

The data subject may request the correction of incorrect or incomplete information concerning him.

Right to object

The data subject may object to the processing of personal data if he or she feels that the personal data has been processed unlawfully.

Prohibition of direct marketing

The data subject has the right to prohibit the use of the data for direct marketing.

Right of removal

The data subject has the right to request the removal of data if it is not necessary to process the data. We will process the deletion request, after which we will either delete the data or state a valid reason why the data cannot be deleted.

It should be noted that the controller may have a statutory or other right not to delete the requested information. The registrar is obliged to keep the accounting material in accordance with the period (10 years) specified in the Accounting Act (Chapter 2, Section 10). Therefore, accounting material cannot be deleted before the deadline.

Withdrawal of consent

If the processing of personal data concerning the data subject is based only on consent and not, for example, on the basis of the customer relationship or membership, the data subject may withdraw the consent.

The data subject may appeal against the decision to the Data Protection Officer

The data subject has the right to demand that we therefore limit the processing of the disputed data until the matter can be resolved.

Right of appeal

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Officer if he or she feels that we are in breach of the applicable data protection legislation when processing personal data.

Contact information of the Data Protection Supervisor:

6. Regular sources of information

As a general rule, information is collected from the data subjects themselves at the beginning and duration of the customer relationship or other material connection.
Updates of personal data are also obtained from authorities, organizations and companies providing update services, public registers and other public sources.

7. Regular disclosures

Jalavilla may disclose personal data within the limits permitted and required by applicable law as follows:

  • With the consent of the data subject;
  • Authorized third parties to the extent that they participate in this registry statement to fulfill those uses Jalavilla obliges the said parties to keep all personal data disclosed to them confidential and to adequately protect your personal data; and
  • By virtue of a requirement based on mandatory legislation.

Transfers outside EU and EEA countries:

  • Jalavilla may disclose personal data outside the EU and EEA countries for the purposes of this registry statement; and
  • Jalavilla will only transfer or transfer personal data outside the EU and EEA countries to entities for which Jalavilla has ensured an adequate level of data protection by agreement or otherwise as required by law.

For technical and practical reasons related to the use of the data, the data may be stored on the servers of third-party service providers used by Jalavilla and these third-party service providers may process the data on behalf of Jalavilla.

The transfer of data complies with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the Personal Data Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council (95/46 / EC).

8. Duration of processing

The information collected will be stored in the Jalavilla register as follows:

  • As a general rule, personal data is processed for as long as the customer relationship is valid
  • The registrant can unsubscribe from our marketing list via the link in each of our marketing emails.

9. Cookies

Jalavilla uses cookies in the web shop.

The cookies are text files, which the browser saves on the computer or on the main device, when using the internet. The cookies are used to, for example to guarantee the purposeful functioning of the website.

With the help of the cookies saved on the computer or main device of the user, the website remembers the device of the user and collects information regarding the pages and functions the user´s browser is visiting or using. This information is then used to find out how popular individual pages are.

Supplying services on the internet basically requires, that technically the cookies are being saved. In e-commerce, it is important, that the website remembers the user visiting the web shop and the products, that he/she has viewed or added to the shopping basket or the wish list. The cookies allow the website to remember the content of the user´s shopping basket when the user visits other pages before making the purchase.

The cookies cannot be used to find out the identity of the user. The cookies do not spread viruses or other harmful programs. The cookies do not collect information regarding the user´s general computer or internet use.

Jalavilla needs cookies, for example to collect statistics, to improve the website and to guarantee the solid functioning of the website. The use of the cookies is necessary, in order on the web shop to remember the content of the shopping basket and login data. On top of this, Jalavilla uses the cookies to track the browsing habits and functions of the users. Jalavilla then uses the gained information to show the users targeted content.

Jalavilla also uses cookies for marketing purposes, so that Jalavilla can track the use of several different website pages. These cookies are used to form customer profiles, using the search and browsing data of the users as a base.

The Jalavilla website asks the user the permission to use cookies when the user visits the Jalavilla website for the first time.

A bar, which contains a description of the website´s cookie use will pop up in the lower corner of the page. If the user continues to use the Jalavilla website, the bar will disappear, and the cookies are being used. The user can deny the cookies using the browser settings. When doing so, one must notice, that the Jalavilla website may not perform perfectly. The user can always check, what cookies have been saved on the computer, and change and/or delete saved cookies.

Jalavilla uses several different types of cookies. Google Adwords cookies are being used to track which advertisements the user will see, and how effective the ads created by Google search are. They can also be used to adjust Google search, so that the searches by the user will be more effective. The Google Adwords cookies are being saved for a period of 30 days.
As has been mentioned before, cookies are also being used to craft statistics. Cookies are used to remember the browser behavior of the user, i.e., how many times the user´s computer or main device has been used to visit the Jalavilla website. For this purpose, Jalavilla uses Google Analytics.

The cookies are being used to give the user an individual session identification, which is removed once the user closes the browser.

Jalavilla is only responsible for the cookies being used on Jalavilla ´s website, even though Jalavilla ´s website may contain links to the other websites.