Felt jewelry

Mari Jalava Felt design jewelry

Unique felt jewelry bring joy and beauty for everyday life and celebration moments.


The jewelry of the Serene product line is enchantingly understated.. Design language of Serene is beautifully simplified and at the same time elegant. The shape is like a beautiful flower painted with soft brush strokes or a rippling water surface. Choose your own Pacific jewelry from different color options.

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Flow product line jewelry are shaped like clouds of rain in the sky shaped by a warm summer wind or beach sand shaped by the soft wave of the sea. Compared to Serene jewelry, Flow is more faceted, yet in a restrained soft way. You can find Flow jewelry in different sizes and colors. Choose your favorite!

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Whirl jewelry is, as its name implies, like a whirl, spiral and faceted, but at the same time a beautiful jewelry with a soft shape of a flower. It gives you strength and edge and spices a sharply reduced outfit, hat, scarf or even hairstyle.

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Bridal bucket - Order product

A wedding day is something unforgettable and unique in the life of the bride and groom. Like a wedding dress, a bridal bouquet is an eye-catcher in addition to the bride herself.

Mari Jalava design bridal bouquet is beautiful as jewelry, timeless and ecological. It lasts in time, from mother to daughter, and brings back beautiful memories over and over again.

The bridal bouquet is paired with several different dresses, bringing naturalness, beauty and uniqueness to the whole. Another completely similar bouquet cannot be found in Mari Jalava's selection, as each bouquet, like jewelry, is a unique handmade creation.

In Mari Jalava design jewelry product lines, you will also find beautiful flower jewelry and bracelets that fit the into the wedding theme. Please note that the bridal bouquet is a custom-made, order product. Please prepare for a longer delivery time of approx. 1-2 month.

Bracelet - Order product

Beautiful, timeless and unique handmade design bracelet is suitable, for example, as a wedding theme for a bridesmaid or a bridal girl, as a gift or to beautify your everyday life. The bracelet material, wool, is ecological and durable and light to wear. In Mari Jalava design jewelry and product range, you will also find beautiful flower jewelry and a bridal bouquet.

Please note that the bracelet is a custom-made order product. Please prepare for a longer delivery time of approx. 3 weeks.

Gift card

Mari Jalava design gift card is a perfect gift for birthday, Mother's Day, for a person who has just graduated or is celebrating another anniversary. The gift card is valid for both felt design jewelery and felt workshops, and the recipient of the gift card can choose the most suitable jewelry or course. An easy and beautiful way to remember a friend or your loved ones!

Unique handmade design jewelry by Mari Jalava, inspired by Finnish nature. Choose your favourite from a wide selection!